Me and My Creation The
AMIGA 1200 Raspberry Pi

A Video of my Prototype:


My Amiga 1200 Raspberry Pi Explained in some Steps


A1200 Case
A1200 Keyboard
A1200 Led
HDMI Male to Female cable
RCA 3 way Adapter
RCA Cables (Audio L,R and Video)
Ethernet Adapter
Ethernet Cable
4 ports USB Hub
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Power Supply
Hot Glue
AEROS sd image
Keyrah Amiga 1200


I have first installed on the left the Ethernet adapter with some patafix or (hot glue), well pressed to fix it. I have connected the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet adapter and reordered the cable.
After in the next Amiga port i have fixed alwayse with some patafix the hdmi cable with the female port looking outside. I have reordered the cable.
As before i have fixed the rca adapter and connected the rca cables and reordered.
Fixed the Raspberry Pi in 4 parts with patafix with sd card and power supply connector faceing outside Amiga.

Final Release!

I have finally installed on my Amiga 1200 Raspberry PI the lastest version of AEROS for Raspberry Pi, it seems made ecxactly for my machine, it is fast and stable as alwayse thank you to Pascal Papara and his Programmers.
Can We Say an Amiga Machine is reborn in 2015!

In this photograph we can see the Amiga 1200 Raspberry Pi running AEROS Operative System in full screen with internet working fine. AEROS is a fully new AMIGA like system.

NEWS: Yeasterday i have tried the new AEROS Broadway  release 10 for Raspberry pi , inside there is a fully working Uae4all Amiga classic emulator and the image is so real that seems to paly in an old amiga 1080s monitor. The game is fluid like the real, i have played Silkworm.

Running TAWS an Amiga OS 4.1 simulation inside the browser.

Every Help is well accepted also a little donation to make this project evolve.
Thank you.

22 commenti:

  1. What would be the cost of the kit to build this? I like the project, and would very much like a chance to work on it myself, and to have a play, and make something a bit new with it :)

    Also, what would shipping to the UK cost? please email me (



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  3. I am interested in this please let me know.

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  5. Hello,

    I found Aeros Sd image, but no way to make it work on the raspberry pi. Is it possible to have another link or a copy of your card?


  6. Hi,
    I dont have it anymore i overwritten it some month ago, after that i tried to download it again and it doesent worked anymore. I asked to the developer and he told to me he doesent develop it anymore, and that will be some info in the future. But i really dont know : (.

  7. I'd be interested in one that shipped to the US.

  8. HI,
    i dont have any keyrah so i dont send it anymore for now.

  9. Hello,
    i'm interested too with shipping to France thanks a lot.

  10. Hi,
    I'm sorry but i lack of components to make any working amiga 1200 or 600 raspberry pi. They are not available at the moment.

  11. Hi, how did you connect the keyboard to the pi?

  12. Hi Bob,
    There is an interface called Keyrah for amiga version for sale in amiga shops, but it'snt still available. I'm also waiting that they produce it again.


  13. I would like to buy Keyrah too. Do you know the place where I could buy it?

  14. There are some shop but keyrah isnt available: from England from Spain from Germany

    let me know if you find it : ).


  15. look like you used Puppy Linux for the Swiv emulator ; -)

  16. Yep,
    It's Puppy Linux running UAE with a Swiv adf.
    give it a try!

  17. Ciao Matt! Good Work!!!
    I bought a Raspy to do something like to your project.
    Technical question: did you connected directly DB-9 to the Raspy ? if Yes HOOOW? pleease...
    or how did you solve for this problem ?

    I've built one parallele2Joystick or DB25-to-Two-DB-9 joystick interface ( and i'm going to buy USB-2-PARALLEL interface in order to use the emulator with that..

  18. Ciao Mut : ).
    I used a Keyrah for Amiga to connect keyboard and joystick, there are 2 joystick ports in keyrah so i dont think you need any parallel adapter.
    Have Fun

  19. Othervise there is this method:

  20. Cut your cables to length! It looks like a flying spaghetti monster is trying to get out of your case!! They do make 6-inch HDMI cables too...

  21. Can you tell us about what you did with the LEDs?

  22. You can connect the leds to keyrah, there are appropriate pins